Application Poem

I am Rastaval Marley (name edited for this blog)
I became 30, 4 months ago
I’d like to say these rhymes
Describing myself in every line

I am someone who loves videography
And a huge fan of photography
Essential for this kind of job
Web developing is also I love

Hard-worker I use to say
I hate my works to get delayed
Performing jobs filled with enthusiasm
A token to show my professionalism

I take ownership to my work
As if i own the project i took
Giving the fullest of my skills
working hard to pay the bills

I don’t have work currently
But will get one if given a chance wishfully
I’ll surely give value if ever you hire me
Not to disappoint instead take it responsibly

I can get easily motivated
When I find my work fully completed
Especially when my boss is happy
With the job i work on nightly

I am into music and Bono of U2 is my idol
That’s how I learned poetry and made this all
I wish you don’t find this conceited
And please don’t say my introduction is stupid. 🙂

This is just a brief of something about me,
Eventually, everything will be disclosed when you see me,
Discussing everything if you see me over skype,
Boasting and lying is not my type.

When you get decided of interviewing me
Add me to skype “rastaval1”, please feel free
I look forward to be summoned for an interview
So I can say everything not just few.

this poem has been submitted and recognized by the client last year….(I got the job as a video editor) please bear with it, for it was written instantly and without proofreading. I prefer to leave it as is.

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