I should be alone

When I see your smile nobody can stop me from feeling.
When I hear your voice nobody can stop me from telling.
These are the facts that when I am staring at you,
I am totally out of my mind and became a slave of you.

Somehow the day starts without you,
Nevertheless it ended with your lovely shadows.
It’s a big mistake to be ruled, I know.
From these feelings of fallacies no one can argue.

From the day you came to my life,
All I wanted was to detain you.
The ordinary day could be so memorable when I’m with you,
Yet, could be the saddest, living without you.

I admit I can’t own everything I have seen around,
I know I’m so weak with these happiness I have found.
But I’m so hesitant to accept the reality and the fact.
That you couldn’t be mine even with my luckiest luck.

A desperate hopeless man, I don’t want to feel,
To beg for the impossible is what I’m gonna kneel.
I don’t understand how this feels,
being alone with no one even cares.

When these things happened in all of a sudden,
I can’t stop and even care what I’ve been feeling.
I can’t even compare the right from wrong,
I think, I had enough I should be alone.


Oh Gravity of the Earth,
constantly, i know you’re 9.8
But it seems you’re getting stronger
Coz ive been down since December

Your force had been so unkind,
Avoiding me to get unwind.
Perhaps your values are constant
you’re pulling me every month.

Sigh! Gravity of the World.
I have these words, yet untold.
Hear them from my tormented heart,
Empathize! so I could mend and start.

Application Poem

I am Rastaval Marley (name edited for this blog)
I became 30, 4 months ago
I’d like to say these rhymes
Describing myself in every line

I am someone who loves videography
And a huge fan of photography
Essential for this kind of job
Web developing is also I love

Hard-worker I use to say
I hate my works to get delayed
Performing jobs filled with enthusiasm
A token to show my professionalism

I take ownership to my work
As if i own the project i took
Giving the fullest of my skills
working hard to pay the bills

I don’t have work currently
But will get one if given a chance wishfully
I’ll surely give value if ever you hire me
Not to disappoint instead take it responsibly

I can get easily motivated
When I find my work fully completed
Especially when my boss is happy
With the job i work on nightly

I am into music and Bono of U2 is my idol
That’s how I learned poetry and made this all
I wish you don’t find this conceited
And please don’t say my introduction is stupid. 🙂

This is just a brief of something about me,
Eventually, everything will be disclosed when you see me,
Discussing everything if you see me over skype,
Boasting and lying is not my type.

When you get decided of interviewing me
Add me to skype “rastaval1”, please feel free
I look forward to be summoned for an interview
So I can say everything not just few.

this poem has been submitted and recognized by the client last year….(I got the job as a video editor) please bear with it, for it was written instantly and without proofreading. I prefer to leave it as is.

I am a man

I am a man
for i was born with reasons.
I am a man
for i was born with lessons.

I am a man
for i was born male
I am a man
for its the way i feel.

I am a man
for I can take courage.
I am a man
for I don’t mind if it’s porridge

I am a man
for you to know
I am a man
for you to show.

I am a man
for you to understand.
I am a man
with your discrepancies im gonna over come.

Fake Friends

☓ FF = Friends Forever 

✓ FF = Fake Friends

✓ FF = Fool Friends
Deceiving words were easily spoken
As this innocent ears eagerly receiving
Silent evil stung and hooked my mind
FOOLED! just when i turn around

Laughter heard and humiliations had seen
Anger and foul words will never be forgotten
Shame to myself yet I supposed to resist
How come this weakness begins to exist?

As this patient mind starts to sore
neither your peace offerings can’t even restore
Silent vengeance were plotted and planned
Reminded with those moments, where shall I stand?

Somehow jilting words cometh with my sweet goodbyes
Never these weakened eyes will have to cry
Cutting off of what had been started
Before things get worst and duly accumulated

Never shall I regret for a “No ONE”
Than a million with a trusted “NONE”
I’d rather be alone with a peaceful mind
Than being surrounded with ciphers and numb.

This could be a lesson, I should have learned
Not losing all the things with sweat, I’ve earned
Before get extorted, you have to know your friends
Before getting worst, give it an end.

Smiles that are fake were bestowed and shown
As the fool trusts and faith had entirely grown
Trapped in the net of make beliefs
Concluding late, that I was just deceived.

If it isn’t a crime to kill a man
I’d never had a doubt to head-point a gun
But patience whispered the word ignore
Nevertheless, pain severed- all through my core.

Pack of wolves hunts as one
Killing preys – divided to some
Never a chance they’ll fool their kind
Instead they treat everyone for a meaty dine.

But humans are merely unique
They’re acting strange – very different.
Instead of helping each other
They’re killing and fooling one another.

I don’t know if this would make the world better
Treating every other human as a total stranger
I hope, Pray and wish that somehow this would end
Before the backbones of my grandchildren starts to bend

Dungeon of Solitude


A day when my mind was a total stranger
I heard these indistinct whispers of anger
taking decrees of what has life to ponder
disappointed with what has had discovered

My life remains and stuck at dawn
darkened and eerie with no light had shown
never heard a squish of a door to open
so dismayed to this terrible kind of moment

as the days on my calendar crossed with red
idling, my time was spent alone on my bed.
did somebody ever heard my raucous voice?
after it fades, to weep is my last choice.

the pulse of pain becomes my second hand
stream of tears is now my minute hand
ticking clock made by this sorrow
to keep track of time and wait for tomorrow

I wonder how many days i have left on this world
I wish I could say all the missing and unspoken words
To be free from these tight claws in grip
If I cant make it, surely, no one will take a grief.



Distant Affair

Be the face I love to stare,
Be the girl I love to care.
Cast me some smiles in front of me,
And it would be my ever lucky day.

Freshly awakened, with no lies had been spoken.
Kiss me quick, my cheeks go blushing.
My nerves are frozen, eyes are blinking,
Feel love to a distant maiden.

Strangely known, acquainted by emotions,
Names changed, used for communications.
Moments remembered, feelings considered.
This longing aint easy if you whom I’m missing.

Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues

Tears fell down and mixed with the rain.
Thunders synched with my sobs in shame
Feet kept walking along the silent streets
the rain washed away my fears and threats.

The stars were hiding, direction they’re depriving.
Clouds were formed and the skies were blackened
Steps were usual yet intended to strain,
As my heart beats, expectations in vain.

The tormenting pain of the jilted goodbyes
Caused the numerous beseech and ended to cries
“Yes” seemed rare and scarcely be heard
Love had vanished for the man with beard.

Merry is awful and Happiness is Weariness
Ironies of what they are supposed to be.
Birthday is starving and party is loneliness
Sick and tired in wishing for a cheerful day.

As the rain had stopped but tears kept pouring,
Confused by the thoughts of the showman’s sayings
Words may have frights, and deeds seemed so right
Pursuing the hike under the lamenting night.

The deafening wind by a blowing breeze
Shivered my heart and placed in peace
Preferred to stay under the morning rain,
than to stay in my room and go insane.



smiles filled with charms cast in each face
arms were tightened as it securely embrace
eyes were vigilant and heads that nod
as their feet were covered with mud.

tweets of the birds, and a whispering snore
synced with the pillows that fell in the floor
sneak and creep as water was being stolen
things as they are remembered all over again

wet shoulders, swollen eyes and crampy limbs,
days of darkness and sadness never ends
one would come, another one will wait
as if realizing what’s for their fate

checking time, check the pocket, seeks the wallet
never been present a hero off of his head
utters, laughter, and gestures,
deceived a monitoring collector

(para wel!)

another one was hurt and one regretted
why this gift came to life so late
one still do and another one’d like to
one came to another one and said “i love you”

depressed and down, starving and struggling,
is what one feel right now and been laying,
one is begging for another one to come
wished for a day of smiles and fun

before one will say his final goodbyes
reconciliation is needed to stop the cries
so please another one,
lets get back to ONE

Sweetest If

If you are reading this
Then you are the one I want to kiss
If you are reading this
Then you are the one I want to hold tight
In the middle of the darkest night.

If you are reading this
Then you are the one I always miss
If you are reading this
Then you are the one, with whom, I want to be
Together, forever, you and me.