Fake Friends

☓ FF = Friends Forever 

✓ FF = Fake Friends

✓ FF = Fool Friends
Deceiving words were easily spoken
As this innocent ears eagerly receiving
Silent evil stung and hooked my mind
FOOLED! just when i turn around

Laughter heard and humiliations had seen
Anger and foul words will never be forgotten
Shame to myself yet I supposed to resist
How come this weakness begins to exist?

As this patient mind starts to sore
neither your peace offerings can’t even restore
Silent vengeance were plotted and planned
Reminded with those moments, where shall I stand?

Somehow jilting words cometh with my sweet goodbyes
Never these weakened eyes will have to cry
Cutting off of what had been started
Before things get worst and duly accumulated

Never shall I regret for a “No ONE”
Than a million with a trusted “NONE”
I’d rather be alone with a peaceful mind
Than being surrounded with ciphers and numb.

This could be a lesson, I should have learned
Not losing all the things with sweat, I’ve earned
Before get extorted, you have to know your friends
Before getting worst, give it an end.

Smiles that are fake were bestowed and shown
As the fool trusts and faith had entirely grown
Trapped in the net of make beliefs
Concluding late, that I was just deceived.

If it isn’t a crime to kill a man
I’d never had a doubt to head-point a gun
But patience whispered the word ignore
Nevertheless, pain severed- all through my core.

Pack of wolves hunts as one
Killing preys – divided to some
Never a chance they’ll fool their kind
Instead they treat everyone for a meaty dine.

But humans are merely unique
They’re acting strange – very different.
Instead of helping each other
They’re killing and fooling one another.

I don’t know if this would make the world better
Treating every other human as a total stranger
I hope, Pray and wish that somehow this would end
Before the backbones of my grandchildren starts to bend

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