I should be alone

I should be alone.

When I see your smile nobody can stop me from feeling.
When I hear your voice nobody can stop me from telling.
These are the facts that when I am staring at you,
I am totally out of my mind and became a slave of you.

Somehow the day starts without you,
Nevertheless it ended with your lovely shadows.
It’s a big mistake to be ruled, I know.
From these feelings of fallacies no one can argue.

From the day you came to my life,
All I wanted was to detain you.
The ordinary day could be so memorable when I’m with you,
Yet, could be the saddest, living without you.

I admit I can’t own everything I have seen around,
I know I’m so weak with these happiness I have found.
But I’m so hesitant to accept the reality and the fact.
That you couldn’t be mine even with my luckiest luck.

A desperate hopeless man, I don’t want to feel,
To beg for the impossible is what I’m gonna kneel.
I don’t understand how this feels,
being alone with no one even cares.

When these things happened in all of a sudden,
I can’t stop and even care what I’ve been feeling.
I can’t even compare the right from wrong,
I think, I had enough I should be alone.

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