Job Affair

Busy streets meet my way everyday,
Walking and praying along my little way.
Hoping for a chance to apply,
For a job that my family could rely.

Every posted ad I used to read,
Wishing to qualify myself and have to deserve;
Yet I feel so down reading each qualification,
‘coz i haven’t finished my college education.

Perhaps, the day should be spent.
Seeking and asking for God’s help.
Sweat had shed from my face and body,
I don’t mind, I must be employed sooner wishfully.

Starving stomach now starts to sore.
Empty pocket I have in a store.
For fare? I got my leather shoes,
For fasting, I should, I got no choice.

I wonder if other applicants tried these too.
Making fortunes in a leaking hand in two.
It’s the guts that pushes me through,
To this journey I have to bestow.


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