My Past

I inscribe this poem for a very special person in my
Life who elucidates the true meaning
Of love, sorrow, and happiness my life
Could ever have. Melissa.

Lowly I confess to you the feelings I have for you,
Outset of the vivacious moments I wished to bestow,
Validated by your sweet YES and not a NO,
Extraordinarily shared, our great love has grown.

Yet, this love of mine still subsist,
Only for you, Melissa and please don’t insist,
Undyingly in love to you PARE I am in thirst.

Magnate man I failed to show,
Ebony among the ivories I may to you,
Lack of fortunes I can’t oppose,
Incessant love I can only propose.

Specious lover you might have been suspected,
Sourpuss lad to love I am devoted,
A beauteous nymph I knack to aim,
Infinite words aren’t enough for a feeble
heart to explain.

Naïve and natty girl you are to me,
Effectual child from a happy family,
Eligible to be loved eternally,
Dainty lass I long to see.

Young and bizarre lover I use to have,
One and the only alluring girl from a bevy above,
Ultimate memories we always have
“Do I really love you?” I can’t resist to nod.

I can’t get you out of my tolerant mind,
Numerous witticisms we used to find.
Manumit the joy we used to share,
Yoke with me to shore we’ll wander.

Let’s give one more chance our love to reside,
I really want you by my side,
Futuristic delight I ought to assure,
Embellished love of Val Amor.

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