smiles filled with charms cast in each face
arms were tightened as it securely embrace
eyes were vigilant and heads that nod
as their feet were covered with mud.

tweets of the birds, and a whispering snore
synced with the pillows that fell in the floor
sneak and creep as water was being stolen
things as they are remembered all over again

wet shoulders, swollen eyes and crampy limbs,
days of darkness and sadness never ends
one would come, another one will wait
as if realizing what’s for their fate

checking time, check the pocket, seeks the wallet
never been present a hero off of his head
utters, laughter, and gestures,
deceived a monitoring collector

(para wel!)

another one was hurt and one regretted
why this gift came to life so late
one still do and another one’d like to
one came to another one and said “i love you”

depressed and down, starving and struggling,
is what one feel right now and been laying,
one is begging for another one to come
wished for a day of smiles and fun

before one will say his final goodbyes
reconciliation is needed to stop the cries
so please another one,
lets get back to ONE

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