Oh Gravity of the Earth,
constantly, i know you’re 9.8
But it seems you’re getting stronger
Coz ive been down since December

Your force had been so unkind,
Avoiding me to get unwind.
Perhaps your values are constant
you’re pulling me every month.

Sigh! Gravity of the World.
I have these words, yet untold.
Hear them from my tormented heart,
Empathize! so I could mend and start.

Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues

Tears fell down and mixed with the rain.
Thunders synched with my sobs in shame
Feet kept walking along the silent streets
the rain washed away my fears and threats.

The stars were hiding, direction they’re depriving.
Clouds were formed and the skies were blackened
Steps were usual yet intended to strain,
As my heart beats, expectations in vain.

The tormenting pain of the jilted goodbyes
Caused the numerous beseech and ended to cries
“Yes” seemed rare and scarcely be heard
Love had vanished for the man with beard.

Merry is awful and Happiness is Weariness
Ironies of what they are supposed to be.
Birthday is starving and party is loneliness
Sick and tired in wishing for a cheerful day.

As the rain had stopped but tears kept pouring,
Confused by the thoughts of the showman’s sayings
Words may have frights, and deeds seemed so right
Pursuing the hike under the lamenting night.

The deafening wind by a blowing breeze
Shivered my heart and placed in peace
Preferred to stay under the morning rain,
than to stay in my room and go insane.