Dungeon of Solitude


A day when my mind was a total stranger
I heard these indistinct whispers of anger
taking decrees of what has life to ponder
disappointed with what has had discovered

My life remains and stuck at dawn
darkened and eerie with no light had shown
never heard a squish of a door to open
so dismayed to this terrible kind of moment

as the days on my calendar crossed with red
idling, my time was spent alone on my bed.
did somebody ever heard my raucous voice?
after it fades, to weep is my last choice.

the pulse of pain becomes my second hand
stream of tears is now my minute hand
ticking clock made by this sorrow
to keep track of time and wait for tomorrow

I wonder how many days i have left on this world
I wish I could say all the missing and unspoken words
To be free from these tight claws in grip
If I cant make it, surely, no one will take a grief.



Different Kinds

Some words are better left unspoken
that’s when our time is through
Some hearts are happy yet broken
that’s when they say adieu

Some people stay strong
though happiness doesn’t stay that long
Some people seem so weak
when we hear nothing when they speak

Some people are small
but they are pretty and wonderful
Some people are radicals
but they aren’t that intellectual

Some things are destined to happen
So brains be ready to comprehend
some things may not be consistent
But we stay firm, eager and persistent

Some people are ciphers
and some are truth seekers
Some were deprived with laughter
nevertheless of saying surrender

Some will read these lines as poem
And some will sing this as a song
Now, it would be up to you,
to choose which side you belong.