The Gorya Poem

Happy, cool, laughing, jamming,
you spread your joy with ease.
Loving, caring, helping, sharing,
you’re not that hard to please.

You give to those who need your hand,
And you ask for nothing back.
Unconditional love to give to friends,
of that you do not lack.

You are there when I’m in need,
and that’s what makes you great.
When you make me smile on a stressful day,
and you join me to celebrate.

You make me jolly like no one can,
setting my laughter free.
You make me feel you’re inside,
as my weakness you can see.

I’ve never had a friend like you,
of that I can be so sure.
You’re kind to me and to others,
the love you have is pure.

So sad not to see you anymore,
that’s how you make me feel.
Loving, caring, helping, jamming,
with you these things are real.

Where can i find your smile,
when it’s you i cannot see
This might be the question,
which cannot be answered by me.

When shall i hear your lovely voices again?
For it could stop these memories in pain.
It’s really hard to see you going,
For what I’m sure,
It’s you whom I’ll be missing.

I want you to know,
no matter how far we may be apart,
you’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

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