To the teachers; Builders of Men!

Be brave! Masters of pens.
We’re like chicks and you’re hens.
From our poor mind you
Have had sharpened,
To our discouraging behaviors,
You just comprehend.

Yell on! Builders of men.
Your work will not be in vain.
For mountains may crumble
And forests may debacle,
But your teachings will still remain.

Toil on! Ye heroes unknown.
Your work will hasten the dawn.
From hilly to plane places,
You impart knowledge to any races.
And in our hearts, forever you’ll remain.

Thank you! Righteous mentors.
We owe you our lives which we can’t restore.
From wrong you made us right,
And the sweat that made us might.
Regularly you’re doing it, day and night.


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