Boughs Of Dreams

Boughs of dreams

Beneath the boughs of an ancient tree,
Beneath the shade, where none can see,
Lies a secret world, wild and free,
A realm of dreams, for you and me.

Beyond the noise of the world outside,
Beyond the rush, where dreams collide,
Lies a place where the soul can abide,
And the heart can rest, open wide.

Beneath the boughs, the leaves rustle,
As if to whisper, a soothing tussle,
A gentle reminder, that life's not a hustle,
But a journey, with moments to cuddle.

Beyond the worries, that weigh us down,
Beyond the fears, that wear a frown,
Lies a place, where peace can be found,
And hope can lift us off the ground.

Beneath the boughs, where the sunlight dances,
Where the breeze blows, and the heart romances,
Lies a world, where the soul advances,
And love abounds in infinite chances.

So let us wander, beneath the boughs,
Where the heart beats, and the soul avows,
A world of dreams, with infinite vows,
And a journey that never allows.